For quite a while Rodea the Sky Soldier seemed destined to remain in publishing purgatory, with original developer Prope and project lead Yuji Naka declaring the Wii version finished and simply awaiting release, while the 3DS iteration was mostly ready. Whatever happened behind the scenes, publisher Kadokawa Games appears to have finally taken the project forward, recently confirming a Spring 2015 release in Japan on 3DS and Wii U; the move to Nintendo's latest home console was no surprise.

A new gameplay trailer has now been released to show it off — it still looks like a blend of ideas we're seen in the 3D Sonic years, Sin & Punishment-style shooting and elements that remind us a little of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It should deliver action fun, though assuming this trailer is the Wii U version — as suggested by the HD resolution option and the lack of logic in showing the 3DS equivalent — we can't help but notice some fairly muddy visuals. If this was simply upscaled from Wii that'd be understandable to a degree, but hopefully the grandeur and spectacle on show will compensate for a lack of cutting edge graphics. Intriguingly, though, the original unreleased Wii version will be included as a free bonus in the first run of the Wii U version in Japan.

You can see the new trailer below; we're not sure if this will ever make it to the West, but if it does would you be interested in picking it up?