Boom or bust

We don't need to explain the bad stink which has surrounded the launches of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. The much-hyped cross-platform reboot of Sega's famous franchise doesn't seem to have gone as planned, and it would appear that this negative feeling has impacted the commercial fortunes of both titles in the UK.

According to the UKIE GfK top 40 for week ending November 22nd, neither version of Sonic Boom made an appearance in the multiformat chart. Looking at games sold on individual formats, Rise of Lyric made 3rd place on the Wii U chart and Shattered Crystal ranked 10th.

Elsewhere in the mulitformat top 40, Mario Kart 8 rose a single place to 29th, and increased awareness seems to have helped its prequel Mario Kart 7 re-enter the chart at 40. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS dropped down two places to 27th, while Nintendo UK's new TV advertising push for Tomodachi Life appears to be working, as that game has moved up two positions to 17th.

With Christmas on the way there's scope for some unusual events, and in this case it's the robust performance of Frozen: Olaf's Quest, a Nintendo DS and 3DS title which launched alongside the hit Disney movie some time ago. It has actually managed to rise two places this week, moving up to 25th in the chart. Perhaps less surprising — given the quality of the game — is the re-charting of New Super Mario Bros. 2, which leaps back in at 37.