It's been common knowledge for some time that those who purchase Super Smash Bros. for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and register them on Club Nintendo will be eligible to receive a two-disc soundtrack as a special treat. It was also announced that free Mewtwo DLC will come in Spring 2015, adding the powerful 'mon as a fighter in both versions.

Just recently Masahiro Sakurai explained why Mewtwo is free DLC, also commenting that no paid-DLC is in development. Yet in hindsight his comments on "why Mewtwo isn't paid content from the start" — our emphasis — is telling, as it's emerged that the fighter will also be offered as paid DLC rather than remain as free treat. On Club Nintendo pages for Europe and North America it's outlined that, like the CD soundtrack, this DLC will be free to those that own and register both versions; one code per version will be emailed to eligible gamers next Spring.

Interestingly, while Nintendo of America's page says at the end of the fine print that "Mewtwo DLC may be available for purchase in the future", the European page confirms — at the time of writing — that it will be put on sale.

The character will be made available to purchase as add-on content in the future.

When this was announced earlier in the year Mewtwo was simply cited as free DLC, before the Club Nintendo deal was subsequently outlined; the option to pick it up as paid DLC in future now opens it up for everyone else.

Sakurai-san's comments still stand, however, as he stated that no additional paid DLC is currently in development.

Are you picking up both versions and looking forward to your free Mewtwo character, or contemplating the fact you may have to buy it? Let us know.

Thanks to Baby Guess for the heads up.

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