Hyrule Warriors

The folks at Nintendo have revealed some very interesting information in the latest Nintendo Direct, in that every Super Smash Bros. amiibo figure is able to be used with Zelda spin-off title, Hyrule Warriors.

Starting off with the game's protagonist, activating the Link amiibo will unlock the Spinner item for use within the game. Those familiar with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will know that the Spinner is a spinning-top-like device that allows Link to travel upon it, grinding against rails to proceed to places that would prove to be otherwise next to impossible; in Hyrule Warriors it seems like a powerful tool that's "great for smashing your enemies". On the topic of Twilight Princess, its DLC will also be available to purchase as add-on content for the game, meaning those regretting their initial bonus pack pre-order decision will have a second chance to nab its goodies.

The rest of the Smash Bros. squad randomly provides a material, weapon or rupee when scanned-in on the Wii U GamePad. It's not much in terms of in-game functionality, but it's definitely good to know that any amiibo you purchase can go a longer way, and not restricted for use within a game respective to its property. The amiibo functionality will come into play for Hyrule Warriors via a free software update this month.

At first, amiibo created quite a stir with its announcement, but with more and more games allowing cross-compatibility use of the figures, it's starting to turn many heads. Are you a fan of the amiibo concept, and if so, which one(s) will you be getting?