Hyrule Warriors 110

The official Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors has revealed that an upcoming update for the game will feature more than just stability. The update is said to make the following changes:

Increase level cap
Increase maximum materials count
New potions
New medals
amiibo functionality

It's interesting to see Koei Tecmo's choices for this update; the developer has clearly been listening to what the fans have been asking for.

The inclusion of amiibo functionality is paramount with the figures' release date just around the corner. Tapping the Link amiibo on the GamePad will unlock a new weapon for Link, namely the Spinner from Twilight Princess. A controversial choice it has to be said, as many fans of the series weren't particularly inspired by the item's peculiar spinning top design.

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[source neogaf.com, via gamecity.ne.jp]