Mario 1 UP Trick

The NES-era Mario platformers are still much-loved to this day, and are still tested and experimented upon by eager gamers looking for glitches and tricks. Given the limitations of the 8-bit hardware these are bountiful and are still being found; they can be rather entertaining for those of us without the skills to find them ourselves.

Earlier this year YouTube channel Games Haya discovered a new infinite lives trick in Super Mario Bros., which is impressive considering the fact that so many people have been experimenting with the title for around 30 years. Now, that same gamer has discovered a load of tricks in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels — Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan — and shared them. Below is a particularly clever — and short — example.

It's fascinating to see these discoveries to this day, whether the original programmers appreciate it or not. We recommend checking out the full channel, but below is another longer example that's rather clever.

What will be discovered next?