Gl Tadpole Treble

BitFinity – the developer behind the upcoming Wii U eShop title Tadpole Treble – has put together a new trailer to show off how far the game has come in its development cycle, taking a similar approach to Curve Studio's recent trailer for Thomas Was Alone.

The game initially began as a Kickstarter and reached its goal in December 2013. Since then the individuals responsible have been working very hard indeed in getting the game to where it is now. You control a tadpole and have to avoid notes in levels that bear similarities to music staff paper. The music plays in time with the gameplay and the notes appear in their correct position as they would on sheet music, so knowledge of the tracks will certainly help you to avoid certain obstacles.

There's much more to the game, but in order to find out about that you'll have to watch the trailer below, which features the game running on a Wii U GamePad as a specific highlight, which is an encouraging sight to see.

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