They ship from the right land mass, top left corner

As part of Rising Star Games' tenth anniversary celebration, the company's own online shop is now open, offering a selection of Rising Star's games and some new merchandise including company logo pins, T-shirts, and mugs. This current selection of products is available as a thank-you to early adopters while Rising Star Games dips its toe into the swift-running waters of e-commerce.

The store is only open on the European section of the website and is operating from the UK, but it has a long list of countries available to ship to and a built-in currency converter from GBP to EUR and USD to ease transactions. Please note that all games sold through the shop are PAL region and will only work on PAL region or region-free consoles, and currently PayPal is the only payment system accepted. Rising Star is looking to expand their store operations and offerings in the coming months so we may yet see another chance to own a Virtue's Last Reward watch.

Are you in for a Travis Touchdown T-shirt or are you still too busy playing the games you picked up in Rising Star's recent network sales? Let us know in the comments!