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When she's not twerking violently or sticking her tongue out in front of an audience, it appears Miley Cyrus enjoys early morning sessions on Nintendo's latest home console.

The 21-year old pop icon has uploaded a photo onto her official Facebook page of her brandishing a Wii U Pro Controller and wearing some sort of animal-themed onesie, coupled with sunglasses — she claims she "woke up like dis". Whether or not sunglasses are a necessary part of her sleeping ritual was not specified.

Many comments on the photo consisted of people confusing the controller for that of an Xbox One, and one avid contributor expressed their gratitude that young Ms. Cyrus was clothed in the photo. You can see more of these nuggets of wisdom by clicking here.

Have you ever woken up in a similar fashion? Please feel free to share a photo of you doing so in the comments section below.

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