'I got a potion! I got a po-oootion!'

A longstanding monster in the Monster Hunter series makes its return in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate; that evidently snappy dancer of a bird wyvern, the gypceros. By all accounts the gypceros is a sneaky little guy with the ability to blind hunters and steal things right out of their hands (and, judging by his picture, gloating about it afterwards), among other nasty tricks.

The gypceros' armour is a dazzling symphony of muted earth tones and not so many knocked-out teeth, and is notable for its distinctively pointy headgear for males. The blademaster set (pictured below) seems especially useful for tracking the Michelin Man though the jungle and especially large mud puddles:

'No, I'm not a lance. Why do you ask?'

'And if I was an executioner before giving it up for the hunting life?'

Are you looking forward to facing off against the gypceros again, or for the first time? Thinking of poisoning a few potions before setting out? Wondering about opening fruit or nuts on those helmets mid-hunt? Fire away in the comments!

[source capcom-unity.com]