Suit up

The SNES was a system which was lucky enough to enjoy amazing support from the best publishers and developers of its era, and one of the console's best third-party releases is set to stomp its way to the North American Virtual Console tomorrow.

Cybernator — also known as Assault Suit Valken in Japan — was launched by Konami way back in 1993, although the Japanese release was handled by Masaya and the game itself was developed by NCS.

It is part of the wider Assault Suit series, which includes Assault Suit Leynos on the Mega Drive / Genesis (released as Target Earth in the US) and Assault Suits Leynos 2 on the Sega Saturn, a title which shares the visual style of the SNES game but never saw the light of day outside of Japan.

Clearly influenced by Japanese mecha series like Mobile Suit Gundam, Cybernator features massive, hulking robots and some particularly impressive set-pieces. Even by today's standards, it's something of a gem — which is why you'll want to download it to your Wii U with as little hesitation as possible when it goes on sale tomorrow for $7.99.

Will you see sense and pick this up, or is it not your kind of thing? Share a comment to let us know how you feel.