CIRCLE Entertainment is one of the most prolific developers on Nintendo's portable download stores, producing plenty of inexpensive and — in various cases — fun games on the platforms. It's continuing that trend with Castle Conqueror EX, with plenty of improvements promised over the DSiWare original.

There will apparently be four playable characters from which to choose in this RTS (real time strategy), while tactical cards will provide buffs in battle. There are various tweaks over the DSiWare original, with the developer stating that the vast majority of content — enemy AI, items, balancing, the user interface and more — are being reworked along with inclusions such as Play Coin support, making this entry around 80% new content. As the story remains the same only time will tell how much these changes are noticeable or important to the experience, though we did give the DSiWare entry 7/10 in our review.

As there were five of these titles on DSiWare, it'll be interesting to see whether they all get the 'EX' treatment or if entirely original entries will follow once this one is released. The transition of battle to 3DS may be worth watching, nevertheless, and Castle Conqueror EX is expected in October.

Were you a fan of the original, or planning to pick this one up later in the year?? Let us know in the comments below.