"A laser shark? Yep, you got me."

Earlier this week we reported reported on the inspiration for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's zamtrios. Several astute commenters pointed out both here and on Yuri Aurajo's original blog post that the shark seemed to lack laser power. Capcom quickly moved to address fan concern with the following:


In contrast to Steven Spielberg's original "shark's eye view" directorial approach, we see a full-body frontal shot of an evidently unhappy zamtrios trying to discourage a pesky hunter with laser fire. Actual laser fire — well, icy laser fire.

Is the confirmation of the zamtrios' laser filling you with hunter's resolve? Is the need for a bigger dragonship clear yet? Think diving while in the path of an oncoming zamtrios with confirmed ranged capabilities is perhaps not the best idea? Fire away in the comments!

Thanks to ThinkGeek for the other laser shark image.

[source twitter.com]