Well constructed mods of retro systems are among our favourite things here at Nintendo Life, and we recently featured GameBoyMods.uk's Shaun Jones, who unsurprisingly specialises in modding the original 'brick' system. We also interviewed Matthew "Wiggy" Wiggins of Rose Colored Gaming last year, a company that specialises in gorgeous mods of retro consoles. That site also infamously caused a stir with a Luigi-themed 2DS that was so well constructed that it was initially 'leaked' as a Nintendo product.

Rose Colored Games is now getting ready to release two lovely new Game Boy Advance models, which are based on Super Famicom and Super NES controllers — they'll be backlit and are currently listed as "coming soon" on the company's official website. On Facebook, meanwhile, it's been confirmed that initial construction is already underway and that availability may begin as early as next week.

Check them out below, though they'll be pricey. Rose Colored Gaming has already confirmed they'll be "pricier" than the standard GBA mods, which are typically $165.

Will you be keeping an eye out for stock and paying out for one of these?

Super Famicom GBA
Super Famicom GBA2

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