Video games aren't reality. We know that. But sometimes the glaring inaccuracies present in our favourite titles can really hurt when they're highlighted in an effective fashion, which is exactly what Fox's Animation Domination High-Def show does in the latest episode of Scientifically Accurate, which seeks to take everything you held dear about Sonic the Hedgehog and stamp all over it.

Did you know that hedgehogs poop when they run? And that they also chew poop into a foamy paste and then rub it all over their bodies? No? Well then you might not want to watch the following footage (which has some swearing and should be considered extremely NSFW), as it will totally destroy your treasured memories of Sega's famous mascot — and we didn't think that was possible after some of the terrible games he's starred in recently. You'll also never be able to look at Knuckles in the same way, either. Consider yourselves warned.

[source polygon.com]