It's possible that you've had your fill of 'serious' news and financial figures today, which is fair enough; this writer has a sore head from looking at figures in the millions and billions, while gazing at the intensely dull layout of financial reports. It all matters, but video games can be fun, let's not forget.

So here's some box art for you, uncomplicated and — in our view — pretty darn awesome. As you can see it's for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it's the North American version; due to its release not being due until early next year there's, naturally, no age rating.

Mh4 U 3 Ds Flat Fob Rp

We actually like the fact that the 'visuals' are relatively low-res, in terms of reflecting its 3DS platform; while a super HD over-processed next-gen level piece of art would undoubtedly look snazzy, this does fit the game well. They're relatively simple, clean models, and the monster does look pretty deadly.

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Let us know what you think of this, and how high this one is on your 3DS wishlist.