Earlier today Hyrule Warriors appeared in a broadcast on Japanese online service Niconico, with recent details and characters shown off in new footage, including just-announced playable stages and characters from Ocarina of Time and much more.

Nintendo of America has now taken the best footage from that trailer and localised it in lovely HD. It works through the cast, both playable and villains, shows off a whole load of weapons, retro-style areas of menus, local multiplayer and Skulltula collecting. As you'd expect, it's all delightful fan-service in this trailer, with an ending worth seeing. Check it out below.

Finally, we've shared this before, but as we've now seen the Cuccos in action in this title we should see the magical moment when they were confirmed to appear. It's the Eiji Aonuma Cucco dance.

Thanks the Benjamin Rehm for the heads up.