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Animal Crossing: New Leaf may have been on the market for a year, but we imagine there are still plenty of 3DS owners — of the millions that bought the game — that are still looking after their town and quirky residents. It's a franchise that continues to achieve impressive sales, with the latest entry enjoying even more exposure and presence due to gamers sharing experiences on social networks.

In its latest episode, and after a full month of Mario Kart 8 content, Nintendo Minute has slowed things down for a conversation with New Leaf director Ms. Kyogoku and producer Mr. Eguchi. They talk over aspects of design, reveal that social research didn't factor into development, and we go for a tour of Ms. Kyogoku's town. If you stick around to near the end, too, you can scan QR codes for outfits based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Check it out below.