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As you may have seen recently, we've opened the round-the-clock Nintendo Life GP in Wii U racer Mario Kart 8, and since its launch two days ago hundreds of players have jumped in for some races. That's a rolling tournament with no real rules or winners, it's just for fun. We've decided that an old-fashioned Community session is needed, however, and an event where we can declare a winner afterwards.

So on Friday 6th June we'll open the NLife Community GP for just 10 hours. We'll be treating it as a community get together at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK / 10pm CET, with plenty of time for everyone to take part and exchange banter in the comments. The tournament will have a limit of 32 races per player, which is a few hours of racing, so it won't be entirely a case of the winner being whoever hangs around the longest. The only other setting that will be applied by default is Hard CPU players to fill out rooms, but only when necessary.

You get to choose key details in the poll below, however, and we'll take the results prior to posting the live community event page.

Which Mario Kart 8 online mode do you want to play? (211 votes)

50cc Grand Prix


100cc Grand Prix


150cc Grand Prix


Mirror Grand Prix




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Which items should be available? (200 votes)

All items


Shells only


Bananas only


Mushrooms only


Bob-ombs only


No items


No items or coins


Frantic mode (more aggressive items)


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Which vehicles should be available? (205 votes)

All vehicles


Karts only


Bikes only


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The first of many competitive tournaments, we hope. Cast your votes and save a slot in your diary, while you can always practice in the Nintendo Life GP, which can be found under that name or code 6347-6219-4703.

Check back tomorrow for the confirmed Community GP details, and we'll see you on the track.