It wasn’t long ago a video starring legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk alongside the Doc from Back to the Future and a cast of others emerged online, showing the unveiling of the first-ever “real life” hoverboard.

Shortly after the video went viral, the entire reveal – as many expected – was confirmed by the Hawk himself as a cruel but obvious prank, and that it was actually just a fun attention-seeking marketing ploy by company HUVr Tech.

This latest advancement in hoverboard technology though is completely legitimate, bringing humanity just a little bit closer to the real deal – well, sort of.

By linking the Wii Balance Board with a VR headset and demo, indie developer Cratesmith has been able to recreate a scene from Back To The Future: Part 2, incorporating the iconic hoverboard.

Unfortunately, the whole setup is still in testing, but the developer has teased that it may make it publicly available soon. In the meantime, check it out in action below.

[source mmgn.com]