This does what Nintendon't

Hot off the tail of the downright bizarre Super Nintendog comes more Nintendo-themed insanity. Make of it what you will, but the following video showcases Ash Ketchum running, driving, flying and shooting (often all at the same time) his way around an environment that looks like a 3D version of Safari Zone.

Backed by a slightly annoying fast tempo beat, you can watch on as Ash sets his sights on a strangely motionless Charizard, shoots Poké Balls from his assault rifle, launches himself into the sky with some sort of bungie-cord device, drives around in a Safari-like four-wheel drive and bounces off giant Pidgy and Rattata just because he can.

There is a bit of foul language in the title at the beginning — so consider yourself warned — but apart from that, it’s wild ride from start to finish and is pretty amusing to boot. So stop reading, pump the volume and get this one playing on loop or something to help celebrate what you can never officially have.