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Retro City Rampage DX has been causing mayhem on 3DS systems in North America and Europe for a number of weeks now, and it'll also bring its brand of chaos to Australia and New Zealand today. Vblank Entertainment has been working on a free update, too, to resolve a bug in the game and also to add a host of new features to the title, which is already the most fully featured on consoles and portables.

The good news is that the update will be available everywhere today. It's been live in Europe since 2nd April and will also land in North America, and includes the following list of fun updates to shake up the experience.


  • Store one of each vehicle (that's over 50 parking spots).
  • Access them from any garage in the city.


  • Drop waypoints on the minimap for driving directions.


  • Listen to 148 of the game's tracks, almost 3 hours in total.
  • Located under Main Menu->Help & Options.

Animated the Dysentruck

Prison stealth mission tweaked

  • The last guard now stops looking once you're a reasonable distance away.
  • Added a checkpoint to prison stealth mission.

Water now animates in 8-BIT mode.
Fixed 8-BIT/Retro+ mode switching bug.
Fixed cameo character run speed after being on fire.
Fixed a couple of graphical glitches.
Reduced memory usage.
Sound effects during fast forward optimized.
Misc other tweaks/fixes.
Automated playthrough secret (To be highlighted later)

In promising news that promotes the potential success developers can enjoy on the 3DS eShop, meanwhile, the studio's founder — Brian Provinciano — has confirmed that the first month sales of DX in North America have exceeded the equivalent launch month worldwide sales of the Xbox 360 version, stating that "at this trajectory it'll exceed its lifetime sales before long".

Have you dived into the crazy world of Retro City Rampage DX? We were big fans in our review, and if you're on the fence maybe the video below — showing the updated features — will push you over the edge.