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It says much about Nintendo's current download game policies that a number of small developers are choosing the system for their début efforts. Another doing just that is California-based CthulhiGames, which has announced it Unity-based 2D Action Horror RPG as a project in development exclusively for Wii U.

A series of tweets made the announcement, and the studio's official website has now been updated with some details. It seems the project is still in its very early days, but aims to incorporate real-life historical figures and literature in an adventure that — based on its description above — may have some old-school vibes, with the online and local co-op also sounding rather appealing. The following details are all on the game's website.

  • Includes several playable characters including Nikola Tesla, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and a customizable mystery character.
  • Each protagonist will develop their own unique skill sets with which to face the many challenges throughout the game world.
  • Features a massive open world to explore as the player chooses similar to that of the classic SNES Legend of Zelda games.
  • Will draw much of its inspiration from games like Legend of Zelda, EarthBound, Eternal Darkness, and the Resident Evil games.
  • The game will be a balanced blend of action-y game play and psychological horror.
  • Includes an extensive invention crafting system for the Tesla character to utilize.
  • Horrifying black magic crafting system for the Lovecraft character to utilize.
  • Advanced environmental lighting featrues.
  • Fully interactive environment (absolutely no static environment elements)
  • Unique and enjoyable Perma-death elements
  • Online and local Co-op Multiplayer
  • Based on the many written works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft

No doubt more details will emerge in good time, but let us know whether you like the concept in the comments below.