Earlier in the week Famitsu teased the latest instalment in the Ace Attorney series, and the return of creator Shu Takumi as Director. Now Capcom has stepped up with an official announcement trailer to give further testimony on the intriguing Meiji era setting.

Confirming suspicions, Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken centres around Ryunosuke Naruhodo, an ancestor of Phoenix Wright from the turn of the 20th century in Japan. The big reveal here is the confirmation of a second character, Susato Mikotoba, who will likely serve as his trusted assistant. The trailer also offers glimpses at a new courtroom setting through some gorgeous kaleidoscope visuals, and with our protagonist being hailed as the ancestor who originated that spirit of 'turnabout', it's sure to play host to some nail-biting trials in the future...or past.

Courtesy of Youtube user Bolt2nd, a subtitled version of the trailer reveals further pieces of information, including the presence of a pair of mysterious figures named ''The Founder'' and ''The Forefather''. It will be interesting to see how much the setting will factor into both gameplay and story elements, though having already put a whale on trial it's safe to say that absolutely anything can be expected of the series by this point.

Check out the video below and let us know if you're eager to take on a whole new time period, wishing the localization team plenty of luck while you're at it.