Any members of the Nintendo Life community with a PS4 — it's OK, many of us have multiple consoles — may currently be playing a bit of inFAMOUS: Second Son. It's the latest major release on the hardware, and is on the front line of the 'console war' arguments for this week that we all love so much.

Nevertheless, it seems you can't keep Nintendo's influence out of view, even if the Kyoto-based company is serving up systems and games with a different focus and line-up to their rivals. Second Son developers Sucker Punch Productions, well known for placing various references throughout its games, seems to be doing its bit to bring ever-lasting unity, brotherhood and friendship between console manufacturers. Well, perhaps not, but it _has_included an item that strongly resembles the Master Sword, albeit with a subtle design tweak to avoid direct comparison — the end of the blade is split. Images below via OverstuffedSofa on Reddit.

In Famous Master Sword1
In Famous Master Sword2

In any case, if you are playing this game it's visible in Eugene's home, a character you meet not too far into the game. If you're not in the PS4 / inFAMOUS club, there's always the option to debate the merits of the design. It's not as good as the originals, obviously.