Controlled by thousands, Red beats Blue to become Pokémon League Champion

TwitchPlaysPokémon has done the unthinkable. The livestream of Pokémon Red, in which the stream’s chat controls the movements of the trainer Red, has officially beaten the Elite Four and its rival Blue to become the Pokémon League Champion.

Approximately 16d 7h 45min and 30sec after the adventure began, the stream has beaten the game. Using a team consisting of a Zapdos, Omaster, Venomoth, Lapras, Nidoking, and Pidgeotto, the stream was able to conquer the Elite Four and take down Blue. After countless attempts to pass through the Indigo Plateau, the team was able to level up and gain a good advantage against many of the Elite Four’s Pokémon.

Now, with Pokémon Red finished, what is next for the immensely popular stream? Well, earlier this week, the creator confirmed that the stream would return and tackle one of the generation two games. With Pokémon Red under our belt, the eyes of thousands have turned towards the next game in the series.

The stream has officially begun a countdown that will end at 12pm GMT (7am EST) on Sunday, which will begin round two. While it is still unknown which game will be played, we can be certain that the stream will maintain its popularity and continue to barrage the internet.

Looking ahead to next stream, many fans have determined some possible problems of our trainer in the new region. Firstly, the gyms of Morty and Whitney may pose a problem due to the layout of Morty’s and Whitney’s famous Miltank. Another problem may be the Olivine Lighthouse, which hopefully will not be a repeat of the Pokémon Tower found in Lavender Town. Lastly, the Ice Path may prove to be the the greatest of our concerns due to its requirement for precise move patterns.

Until tomorrow, you may have some time to kill anticipating the next stream. However, you may have missed some of the most exciting events of the previous stream. You can see the final Pokémon battle with Blue below, while the main page has links to other major events of the playthrough.

Are you anticipating the next TwitchPlaysPokémon stream? Let us know in the comments below. In the case of this writer the stream consumed a lot of free time; we're excited for a new adventure in Johto.