Zelda Albw Posters Big 1

Back in November last year we directed your attention to a gorgeous Link Between Worlds poster set on the North American Club Nintendo, featuring three large posters for 500 of your hard-earned coins. Then, just four days later, they were all gone.

Happily for those that missed out first time around this set is now back in stock and open for orders. For fans of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds that also have coins burning a hole in their virtual pockets, this surely qualifies as one of the best ways to spend that Club Nintendo coinage.

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You can see all of the designs below, once again. If you want to order a set head on over to the official page; who knows how long they'll be in stock this time.

Zelda Albw Posters Big 2
Zelda Albw Posters Big 3
Zelda Albw Posters Big 4

Thanks to those of you that sent this tip.