Ittle Dew Banner

Ludosity, the studio responsible for 3DS titles such as Boulder Dash-XL 3D and Alien Chaos 3D will be making its début on the Wii U with its upcoming title Ittle Dew, described by developer Joel Nystrom as a light hearted action adventure game with a lot of puzzling and secrets to find. Though the game has already been released for PC, Mac and Linux, Nystrom claims the Wii U version is his favourite.

In an interview with Nintendo World Report he stated:

My favorite version is actually the Wii U version. Being the last and final version of the game, it has a little more love and polish than the other versions, plus it has some nice features the others don’t have.

The Wii U edition offers a map on the GamePad, supports off-TV play, and allows you to use both the Pro and Classic controllers. According to Nystrom, the developer didn't want to "go bonkers with the GamePad", so the aforementioned features are all there are. Nystrom also mentioned the game is geared towards speed-running, which is something the staff all "love at Ludosity."

One thing that will be missing from the newest edition will be online leaderboards.

Unfortunately, we don't have online leaderboards on the Wii U, since it would mean we'd have to set up our own servers, etc. That's a whole other ballpark that's outside of our reach as a small indie studio. We do still have locally saved best times, of course.

As for a release date there isn't one yet, but according to Nystrom the game is finally in submission; it shouldn't be long before we have another update. He admitted the studio has been saying that for a while and that he would "hold off on promising a set date" at the moment.

Check out the trailer of the game below. Is it on your radar?