Mad Men Football is one of the most intriguing recent reveals for the Wii U eShop, with developer AE Games initially grabbing attention with a call-to-arms for smaller developers to step into the places vacated by some major third parties. That aside there's a game in the works, nevertheless, which promises high impact Gridiron with "an historical twist".

This American Football game certainly sounds like a throwback to some of the wackier sports games we may have seen in the past, even if the studio is still currently in the developer approval process with Nintendo. Despite this David Tenorio, the concept artist for the developer that previously produced an image of George Washington for the game, has given us an early look at the next confirmed character — Julius Caesar. The Roman Emperor will, we'd imagine, be quite imposing on the football field.

Mad Men Football Wii U Julius Caesar Concept Art Image

Further details will surely emerge down the line once the studio has secured its developer status, though it's been keen to emphasize the legitimacy of its project. We'll see how well Mad Men Football delivers on its promise of a fun Gridiron game, and we'll be curious to see how these historic leaders will feature. We wouldn't want to mess with Caesar's defence line-up, anyway.