Mad Men Football Wii U Game Pad Press Release

AE Games — the indie studio which caused a few ripples when it announced its support of the Wii U earlier this week — has now confirmed its first title: Mad Men Football.

Described as American Football with "an historical twist", the game will take notable figures from world history and plant them on the football field. AE Games has confirmed that this project is currently self-funded and is expected to see release later this year, exclusively on the Wii U eShop.

Obviously aware that there is still some scepticism around the studio from Nintendo fans, AE Games has moved to assure players that this venture is totally legitimate. AE Games is currently a one-man operation, and it has been revealed that additional help is being brought in to make the game a reality. It has also been revealed that while AE Games has filled in and submitted the paperwork to obtain a Wii U development kit, nothing has been delivered as yet.

Amusingly, the developer even admits that the studio name has been "inspired" by another well-known veteran publisher, also famous for making games in this genre:

The studio name may change once we file the official paperwork (have seen lots of positive and negative comments on it though!), but some might have guessed the reasoning behind the current "name" from the initial press release (and maybe even more so now with the first game known).

Further explanation is also given for the timing of this announcement, as well as the validity of the entire project:

With the continued bad news from third party developers in regards to the Wii U, I thought that this week with Valentine's Day would be a great week to try and get some good news and encouragement around the Wii U going. Which is why the press release also included the information about using the hashtag #WeLoveWiiU. The press release and announcement are definitely a lot earlier than was initially planned though. And I had no clue what I thought was a simple press release, would turn into the firestorm it did on so many different sites.

Is this a hoax? No. And I will probably be releasing screenshots from the prototype in the next few weeks, but I didn't want people to get discouraged at the art assets I'm using (if you can call MY assets art). If anything, the screenshots will show the basic assets that I have been using, as I have programmed plays, and made sure that players (receivers) follow the right paths.

To round it all off, AE Games has provided the first piece of artwork associated with the project:

Mad Men Football Wii U Press Release Image

It's always positive to hear about developers supporting Nintendo hardware, and despite the early nature of this project, the unique hook of Mad Men Football is surely enough to build up anticipation. It of course remains to be seen if AE Games can deliver on its promise, but in the meantime we'd love to hear what you think about this venture. Post your feelings below for the world to see.