Black Main Console

With Nintendo preparing to push the Wii U throughout 2014, promising major releases, system updates and features to boost the role of the GamePad, it's only natural that newcomers will seek out some advice and tips for making the most of the system. Nintendo of Europe is doing its part with a new guide article to point readers towards all of the official information they can handle.

It can perhaps be easy for those of us immersed in active Nintendo communities to forget, but the Wii U is a substantial change from the Wii in terms of its online functionality, in particular. It also has over a year of game releases and updated features to take in, so there's plenty for new Wii U owners to try and understand. The "New to Wii U? Learn more about your new console!" page has been packed with links to official information and support pages on topics such as connecting online, linking to Club Nintendo, accessing free demos and showing off games already available and on the way. There are also links to explain more about backward compatibility, transferring Wii data and setting up Parental Controls, so the article certainly aims to cover most bases.

Do you know any new or prospective Wii U owners that may need a little help getting used to their new systems?