He's clearly mastered his technique

Ocarina of Time needs no introduction. It's a title that has been explored through speedrun after speedrun, exploited and researched tirelessly for different ways to complete it, and today it will even be featured on Awesome Games Done Quick's fantastic charity streaming event. This particular playthrough, though, is in need of some serious attention.

A Japanese gamer going by the name of Wakou has apparently decided that Link's most acclaimed adventure was just a bit on the easy side, and so set himself the astounding challenge of completing the entire game using only his feet. It's all documented on Japanese video-sharing site Niconico in a series of 20 videos at about a half hour each.

You'll need to register with the site to check out the full playlist, but you can watch his first tentative steps right now on Kotaku. Alternatively, check out a sample of Wakou's Mario Kart playthrough below.

It's certainly impressive, and reminds us of a similar Ocarina accomplishment by MegaTGarrett who you can see here, starting off in the dreaded water temple. The catch? He's completely blind. It all just goes to show that where there's a will, there is probably a way. Those out there unfortunate enough to have their gaming experience impaired can still play just as well as anyone else with a little effort, and he made it through the dungeon with a completion time many would envy.

Do those final waggles of Wakou's toes make you teary-eyed as Ganon is defeated?

[source kotaku.com]