We've dished out info on Sega's curious Puyo Puyo and Tetris fusion before, but now the playable demo has finally hit the Japanese eShop we've been able to get our grubby mitts on it and give you a real look at how it all works.

It sounds quite jarring to play Puyo Puyo against someone else who's playing Tetris, but as it turns out the two go together like blonde-haired adventurers and green tunics. If you're playing Puyo-style, any "trash" blocks generated by your opponent land on top of your little blobby pile and if you prefer to stick to Tetris then your opponent's garbage becomes grey blocks that push your Tetriminos up from underneath. It's simple and it works - without compromising the way either of the two games play. Perfect.

Options are severely limited in the demo — you pick a character and a play style for yourself, do the same for your opponent and that's it — two rounds of Puyo-on-Tetrimino action. The good news is that even with a setup as slim as this it's still brilliant fun, and we're itching to get stuck in to the full suite of modes and options once Puyo Puyo Tetris releases in Japan on the 6th February.

In the meantime grab the demo from the Japanese eShop if you can, but beware — you only get five goes before you're locked out for good!