There are even freelancers

Any RPG – or JRPG – gamer knows that strategy is the most important thing when playing through the game. Knowing enemy weak spots, which armour to equip and which weapon is the most effective are all key factors to make victory a certainty. Yet sometimes things go into deeper levels of planning.

Bravely Default is one such game, as it allows the player to assign jobs with specific skill-sets to each character to make battles a breeze. You could have an entire team of black mages, or split the team to have a half-magic-half-knight combo, or you could have everyone specialising different skills to get the ultimate combo.

The number of possible variations lets the player give a personal touch to how they play the game, and with this handy Jobs trailer, it’s clear just how diverse and unique each job can be. Check it out below and let us know what you think.