Majora's Mask

It seems that we can't get away from speedrunning at the moment, which is absolutely fine by us. Not too long ago we had a whole week of runs with the Awesome Games Done Quick event, which did an outstanding job to raise over $1,000,000 for charity.

Away from fundraising, however, speedrunning is a major passion in the gaming world, and those that have been working on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask may now be able to shave plenty of time off their runs. YouTuber Indextic has posted proof of a relatively simple way to warp around the world to owl status that he hasn't discovered. By jumping between maps and playing the Song of Soaring, it seems to manipulate the game's code and trick it into taking you to fresh destinations.

It's explained fully in the video below, and we suspect speedrunners are already using this trick to chase new records.