In space, no one can hear you ask for the Wii U version

Yesterday, Sega dropped the news that The Creative Assembly is working on Alien: Isolation, a new title in the long-running series of games based on the famous movie franchise.

The title has been leaked several times recently and focuses on Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda. It has been confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC, but no mention was made in the announcement regarding a Wii U version.

Keen to find out what's afoot — even though the answer should be obvious — several fans have taken to Twitter to quiz the publisher:

Given the sorry state of Aliens: Colonial Marines — a game which was set to hit the Wii U but was eventually canned after scathing reviews on other formats — you might assume this is a blessing. However, Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be something else entirely, and we personally think it's a real shame that Wii U owners won't be joining the party.