Wii U Iwata

The Nikkei, a prominent business newspaper and website in Japan, recently published an article outlining its understanding of Nintendo's upcoming smart device strategies, highlighting its expectations of what will be announced later this week when Satoru Iwata provides an investor briefing for the company's Q3 results.

As we suggested in that article, these ideas weren't off-the-wall, especially in light of Nintendo's repeated comments in recent months that it'd look to utilise smartphones and tablets to promote its hardware and software products. Nikkei's suggestion that free content would include video, for example, seems entirely feasible, but Nintendo has moved to dismiss the suggestion that mini-games will become available on these external devices. Nikkei suggested that these would be small experiences or demos to point consumers towards the full products, but Nintendo has now issued a statement to rule mini-games out of the equation.

We can confirm that we have not made any new announcements or disclosed the contents of the Corporate Management Policy Briefing which will be held in Japan on 30th January 2014.

Nikkei's article contains information previously stated by Mr Iwata during past press conferences, including statements which relate to Nintendo's willingness to make use of smart devices to promote our products.

However during such past announcements Mr Iwata has also stated that Nintendo's intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer mini-games on smartphone devices.

We will share the materials from Mr Iwata's Corporate Management Policy Briefing in English when his presentation is finished.

That's a fairly comprehensive denial of that aspect, though we will learn soon just what Nintendo is planning for smart devices — a free app with video content seems likely, while Nintendo has previously announced plans for a dedicated Miiverse app.

We will find out soon.

Thanks to Azooooz for the tip.

[source gamespot.com]