That is either a really small tree or a really big lion thing...

Nintendo stated earlier this week that it currently had no plans to make or release any games — be they full size or mini — on mobile devices. This may have pleased some fans of the company, but it may also have disappointed others. If you fit in to the latter category, fear not — just because Nintendo aren't taking part, that doesn't mean others aren't trying to bring you the same experience themselves.

Take DOT studio, for example — a group of humble developers that have a lot of practice working with mobile games. In the past, the individual members of this indie studio have been responsible for transitioning many AAA console titles to the mobile market, and have only recently joined together to make a brand new game of their own: Eco Spirits.

Eco Spirits is a bright and colourful title filled with cute cartoon monsters which the player must catch, train and use in battles. DOT Studio boasts a roster of 250 different kinds of monsters, and promises to deliver a unique and innovative RPG experience to iOS and Android gamers everywhere. Now at first glance, this may look like another popular portable franchise we could mention — but don’t be fooled; DOT Studio insists that this is a completely different game with completely brand new features and mechanics. Honest!

Yes, this “unique” and “innovative” game lets the player trade their monsters with other players as well as battle with other monsters as you explore the vibrant and expansive world. There’s even talk of an online versus mode where different players on different mobile devices can fight against each other using the monsters they have caught. It’s certainly an ambitious project for its chosen platform, and with 250 different creatures it might be hard for the player to keep up. Don’t worry though, there’s a handy device called the "Monster Digital Assistant" within the game that gives information on discovered monsters, lets the player set their 3 monster team, and even buy monsters from friends. Certainly sounds familiar, right?

With DOT Studio being a small indie developer, they need help making this game a reality — hence their new Kickstarter campaign. Now fans can donate funds to the project and get prizes such as merchandise and access to in-game content. Obviously, as is the same with all crowd funding campaigns, the more you donate the better and bigger the prizes are, and DOT Studio is so confident the campaign will succeed that they've pre-emptively set up stretch goals.

The developers aim to hit their $95,000 target before March 11th, but should they continue to receive donations after the target has been met, there’s a chance the game could come to Wii U and 3DS. Of course, the developer would have to receive a whopping $2 million USD first, but who knows, with enough support maybe they can do it.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for yourselves and tell us what you think. Has this game got your support, or do you think it’s a doomed and derivative project? Let us know in the comments!