We apologise if you've just eaten something prior to reading this particular news story, as the following information may cause you to involuntarily bring up your previously consumed meal — you have been warned.

It has been revealed today that UK video game retailer GAME has created an all-in-one snack option for gamers this festive season. Dubbed "Christmas Tinner", the can contains 9 different foods, including egg, turkey, gravy and Christmas Pudding.

The reasoning behind this gross product / publicity stunt? Apparently, recent research suggests that almost 50 percent of gamers will be spending this holiday season glued to their new games consoles, which — by GAME's reckoning — leaves little time for things like eating food. Hence the one-stop solution: an entire meal in a can.


9 layers await — each of which has been processed and sealed in gelatine (can you feel your meal rising up your throat yet?) and the tin is designed to be consumed immediately — after all, gamers are so lazy they don't want to have to wait for things to cook, right?

According to GAME, the product is being inflicted — sorry, we mean tested — on consumers in its Basingstoke store, and if the demand is there we could see this culinary abomination rolled out all over the UK. Presumably a bout of food poisoning wouldn't be far behind.

Here's what Alisa McKnight, Marketing Director GAME Retail Ltd, had to say about the product:

This Christmas is set to be an epic one for gaming, especially as households all over the UK wake up to a new PS4 or Xbox One console under the Christmas tree. And for those who can’t wait to get stuck into their latest goodies, the Christmas Tinner is our gifting solution combining the best of both worlds: so gamers can feast on the latest releases and the finest food at the same time.

"Finest food" being a phrase we assume has been employed in the loosest possible sense.

Given that many gamers find the "unhealthy and obsessive" stereotype to be somewhat offensive, does this stunt really do our hobby any favours? Or should we take it as a bit of light-hearted fun, as it is clearly intended to be? Let us know by posting a comment.