Earlier today we were pleased to share the news that a Bravely Default sequel has been confirmed for 3DS, yet we shouldn't forget that gamers outside of Japan are still waiting for the original to arrive. The wait will be over for European 3DS owners this week with a 6th December release, while the North American iteration arrives on 7th February 2014.

It's certainly been on our radar since rave reports and news of strong sales emerged from Japan in 2012, and Nintendo UK has produced a new pre-launch video to emphasize just why we should be rather excited. This RPG from Square Enix has earned some praise beyond the hype, of course, with our own Bravely Default review awarding a 9/10. In some senses it delivers elements of what we'd expect of an RPG, yet it's a new IP that introduces new ideas and reinvigorates established practices.

In any case, those interested should certainly check out the video below. It shows plenty of gameplay, emphasizes cool features such as the inclusion of the Japanese voice track and, most importantly, has some awesome background music.