No walking or see-through pink bag required

For those that haven't heard of it, the Raspberry Pi is a computer that, slowly and surely, could be a revolution in computing. It's a super-cheap computer that comes only as a circuit board with some connectors and ports, and it's up to individuals to plug it into a monitor, keyboard and internet connection. The crux is that it it costs less than a retail Wii U game — or retail 3DS game, for that matter — and its bare-bones OS is designed to challenge owners to learn how to code for themselves.

As an educational device and a possible means to get computers into the hands of some of the poorest people in the world, it has huge potential, and plenty of tech-minded individuals have spent the past year or more doing clever things with the humble hardware. We can add SpillPass-Pi to the list of innovations, as a 3DS owner has a method of turning your home internet connection into a personal Nintendo Zone; what that means is that you can enjoy picking up StreetPass hits to tackle those 3D puzzles and quests.

It's been confirmed that the recent StreetPass Relay system — that gives multiple hits at once — works with this setup, and due to the software "SpillPass Pi now offers 12 StreetPasses about every 8 – 10 minutes." The only snag is that when using it you'll need to clear out your home Wi-Fi settings and just leave those for the Pi-powered tool, so it may be something you do in short bursts when hits are needed.

It's a clever and slightly mischievous creation, but we should point out that there's no modding to the 3DS itself. This is just a Nintendo Zone in the home.

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