He's thinking, "Ha! She'll never manage with those paws"

With Super Mario 3D World now less than a month away from release, it's surely time for Nintendo to crank up the hype machine. As a title aiming to incorporate a range of gamers, its unsurprising that Nintendo of America's recently released TV commercial focuses on the theme of playing the game together; four charming young gamers look very happy while doing so.

As has been common in various advertising campaigns in the region, Nintendo has taken a rather literal approach to highlight what the game is all about. We see a movable platform — used by blowing into the microphone — activated in the real world, while one girl has to play with a sideways Wii Remote while wearing a cat outfit that includes chunky looking paws: even a Mario ninja would find that tricky.

But still, this seems like a solid effort to show the fun that can be had in multiplayer. Check it out below and let us know what you think.