EDGE arrives on the Wii U eShop in North America and Europe today, the second entry in the Two Tribes Classics series of low-prices releases. We're big fans, too, awarding it 9/10 in our review. Publisher Two Tribes has now confirmed that the title will also be making its way the 3DS eShop, soon, providing all of the same content on the go.

The port is being handled by Cosmigo, a studio that's got a number of card-based DSiWare titles under its belt. It'll feature the same number of levels, utilising the bottom screen for the map that, on the Wii U, appears in the corner of the main screen; with a simple visual style, we also hope it'll sustain a rock-solid framerate to boot.

A title popular on smartphones, this should be well worth consideration with the added benefits of the Circle Pad and D-Pad. It's due soon, though with no fixed date yet, so are you interested in picking this up?

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