Deus Ex Human Revolutions Sarif Industries Gets Super Exy Viral Site1

British tabloid The Sun has been on our radar at Nintendo Life in the past, most notably for its ludicrous 'medical' coverage of the dangerous effects of the 3DS, in which a journalist played in 3D while walking down the street and then complained of feeling ill. The paper also published articles at the time claiming that thousands of owners had returned 3DS systems at launch, which was promptly debunked by Nintendo and, most importantly, retailers. Truth and facts aren't always important.

While the paper occasionally publishes articles bemoaning the great evils that video games are bringing to the world, it seems it isn't afraid of treating gaming fiction as fact. In an article section outlining "cybernetic implants", the tabloid refers to a cybernetic eyeball from "US firm Sarif Industries".

The Sun Deus Ex Derp

Of course Sarif Industries is a fictional company in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and The Sun's writer was probably taken in by the PR gimmick (and website) that revolved around pretending the corporation was real. We would advise that the journalist in question, as a bare minimum, try a web search or two next time. That's not a good idea now, however, as a search for Sarif Industries returns a fair few articles mocking The Sun. Oh dear.