The Fall

Not so long ago we reported that crowdfunded title The Fall would eventually come to Wii U, on the grounds that Over The Moon had been officially licensed as a Nintendo developer. At that stage the campaign was still some way off its Wii U stretch goal, but having now passed that target its been confirmed that work will begin right away on the Nintendo system's version, with a target release window of April 2014, one month after the original PC and Mac platforms.

Prior to passing $29,000 CAD, it was expected that funding the Wii U version would take time and be reliant on PC and Mac sales, whereas the final total of $38,115 CAD means that the development can begin now, with improved art and a design upgrade also passed as stretch goals. Here's what the studio's John Warner has had to say about bringing the game to Wii U.

I'm really excited to see The Fall on the Wii U. As the game was very Metroid inspired, a Nintendo platform seems like an obvious fit. I can't wait to see how we can best use that fantastic controller.

As a title reportedly heavily inspired by Super Metroid, among others, it's little surprise that the Wii U is the sole home console confirmed. The release date is for the first episode, with three planned.

You can check out some footage below; are you looking forward to this one?