Seems legit.

Games which illegally use Nintendo characters are flooding the Windows Store, according to a report by Develop.

Titles such as Mario Jump!, Bowser Town Defense, Pokemon Attack! are Yoshijump are all available now for download on Windows 8 devices — some of these games have been downloaded many times over, working their way to the top of the charts.

Microsoft claims to be taking copyright theft very seriously, but also says that it can't automatically decline new submissions. It says it has safeguards in place to ensure infringing apps are flagged, and that Nintendo should use these to bring offending titles to the company's attention:

With regards to trademark infringement, with every app there is an option to report the app for violating the Windows Store's Terms of Use. If a company feels a Windows Store app is infringing on their copyrights or trademarks, they should report the app and we will take immediate action to determine if the app should be removed from the Windows Store.

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