No Monday would be complete without a fresh dose of Super Smash Bros. screenshots, courtesy of Masahiro Sakurai's efforts on the Miiverse Director's Room community. We don't know when the game will arrive — apart from a vague 2014 window — but we'll happily feast our eyes on more screens.

Last week's screens didn't include any character reveals, so instead Sakurai-san focused on some details, while also throwing in a 3DS screen for portable gaming fans. We have a look at Fox McCloud's rather snazzy blaster that opens up, we learn that Link's shield has a slight impact backwards when blocking attacks, and we see Sonic's standard attack (called PPK) that rounds off with a side kick. There's also a picture of the Wii Fit Trainer relaxing while flying over Wuhu Island, and if you look closely we think you'll spot a retro island possibly inspired by Pilotwings.

Check them all out below, and you can see the original Miiverse posts by clicking on the date headings.

7th October


8th October


9th October


10th October


11th October


So there you have it, some attractive and revealing screens to gawk upon. Let us know which catch your eye in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (345 votes)

Fox breaking out the big gun


Sonic kicking off with Bowser


Pit and Samus going head to head


Toon Link goes for the explosive approach with Link


Wii Fit Trainer casually chills out on a plane


Um, I can't decide


To be honest, I don't like any of them


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