Watch Dogs Screen2

Watch_Dogs is a Ubisoft title that can quite easily attract attention no matter what home console you happen to own, as it's coming to all major current systems including the Wii U. It's undoubtedly ambitious in scope, promising a campaign that can be seamlessly interrupted by other players online, and the possibility of being endlessly distracted while snooping into the lives of NPCs and intervening in criminal incidents.

As if to reinforce what's on offer in this title beyond the core campaign missions, Ubisoft's released a new video that shows a player opening up hacking possibilities in a new area, intervening in a crime and then driving from a run-down suburb into the city, in which the police are evaded and an imposter tackled. What it demonstrates is a fairly impressive and seamless transition between scenarios and areas, even if some of the AI is painfully dim at times; pretty much standard there, then.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.