Well that's that, then.

Many moons ago, when CD-ROM was still a new and exciting storage medium, several companies released CD-based systems in the hope of catching a ride on the interactive entertainment roller-coaster. One of those firms was Phillips, which created the CD-i (the "i" stands for "interactive", in case you were wondering) after an agreement to produce a disc-based add-on for the SNES fell through.

In the process of negotiating the cancellation of the SNES add-on deal, Philips was able to acquire the rights to use Nintendo characters on its CD-i system. The console saw three games — Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure — all of which were loosely based on the universe seen in The Legend of Zelda series and are widely considered to be pretty dire by fans (although there some who view them in a more positive light).

If you want to know what Nintendo thinks about this trio of titles, then consider this — they didn't even warrant a mention in the recent Hyrule Historia book.

As if to confirm the company's stance on the games, Eiji Aonuma has revealed to MTV Multiplayer what he really thinks about the games.

When asked about the titles, the series producer said:

I don’t know that those really fit in the 'Zelda' franchise.

So there you have it — the man in charge of the Zelda franchise doesn't feel the CD-i titles are part of it. Let's not talk about them again, OK?

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