Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist is Ubisoft's latest entry in one of its most popular franchises, blending its recent focus on action with the option — should you prefer — of reverting back to the classic sneaking for which the series is renowned.

As is standard for any high-profile triple-A title, there's optional DLC to tempt you. The initial inexpensive DLC pack featured spruced up gear, but the new Homeland offering includes two solo / co-op missions as well as some weapons and accessories. The best part is that the Wii U version is included with its arrival today, which is something that we don't take for granted — it should be available on the eShop right now.

The press release for this gives the following details on what we can expect.

New Co-op Missions

  • Billionaire’s Yacht Co-op map – In this story-related mission, infiltrate a rogue billionaire’s yacht the day after a decadent party in the Coral Sea solo or with a friend.
  • Dead Coast Co-op map - Take out a terrorist cell in a remote part of the Middle East in single player or co-op mode.

Weapons, Gear and More

  • Crossbow with sleeping gas bolts - When armed with the stealthy crossbow and sleeping gas bolts, enemies will be snoozing before they even know what hit them.
  • Upper Echelon Suit – This suit offers better protection against fire power and blends into the shadows.
  • 4E Eclipse Suit - This suit allows Sam to carry more gadgets and offers premium protection.
  • Gold, Amber and White goggles - Mix up Sam’s iconic goggles with Gold, Amber or White lights.
  • Exclusive Mercs and Spy Skin

Do you have this title, and do you plan to hack some funds to pick up this DLC? Let us know in the comments below.